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Notice on 2015 year Beijing city science and technology new star plan to declare the work of the

The relevant units:
Beijing Nova program hereby declare the year 2015 as work-related matters notice:
First, the public sector
Class A: the training of young technology backbone to improve overall quality, improve innovation capabilities, organization and coordination skills, communication skills. Funded training funds are mainly used for training, domestic and foreign exchange, patent applications, published papers, monographs and so on.
Class B: training of young technology backbone to enhance the overall quality, improve the overall capacity and research. The culture funding and funding research funding.
Second, the recommended range and places
Youth Science and Technology in Beijing backbone independent legal registration of enterprises and institutions. Each university is recommended not more than 4, each of the other legal entities not recommend more than two.
Talent has been selected following a national program staff outside of recommended range:
1, the Central Organization Department "people plan", "people plan" or "young top-notch talent support program"
2, the ministry "Innovative Promotion Plan"
3, "Cheung Kong Scholars Program"
4, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, "New Century Talents Project" national candidate
5, the National Natural Science Foundation of China "National Outstanding Youth Fund"
Third, the reporting conditions
One, love the motherland, there is a strong sense of professionalism and good ethics, morality, with honesty, pragmatism, innovation, collaboration and dedication.
Born after 1 January 2,1979 years. Bachelor's degree in professional and technical work for more than five years; or master's degree in professional and technical work for more than two years; or doctorate in professional and technical work for more than 1 year.
3, master dynamic and cutting-edge research progress in the field, with strong research and innovation capacity, has formed research team.
4, A class declaration should now bear the national, provincial and ministerial research projects, or are hosting technical director of business critical technology research and development projects.
5, B class staff also meet the following declaration of conditions:
(1) presided over the technical director of business-critical technology research and development projects;
(2) over the host provincial science and technology projects or major participant (top two);
Staff (3) has a senior professional and technical positions;
(4) patent winner (top two);
(5) studying abroad returned within two years (after May 2012 returned).
Four other requirements
1, reporting units should be the focus of training objects.
2, the declaration shall be the subject of class B belongs to the field of natural sciences and engineering, applied basic research or applied research and technology development in the field of demand for capital focus closely.
Fifth, the application materials and deliver
??1, the content of submitted materials should not involve state secrets, submitted materials will not be returned, please make a backup job-related materials.
2, Beijing Science and Technology reporter landing site ( download and fill in declaration forms. Paper returns and related materials (academic degree, papers, patent certificate, award certificates and other evidence) unified with A4 paper, the left binding, a type Ng copies. Units fill out the "Recommended summary table unit" a paper material. Electronic version: the declaration and accessories materials WORD and PDF format each set, the unit recommended summary tables, report aggregate information table (unit) engraved disc one.
3, Please units on June 6, 2014 will be the unit application materials (paper and CD-ROM) uniform delivered. Location: Xizhimen South Street on the 16th (across from the East Gate People's Hospital), North Building Room (Beijing Research Center of Urban Systems Engineering Talent Systems Research Department) layer 106.
Hours: 2014 年 3 to 6 June 9:30-17:00.
Six, Tel
Municipal Science and Technology Personnel and Education Department: 66153440
Beijing Urban Systems Engineering Research Center:
6,871,367,668,717,373 turn 6601

Annex 1.2015 Beijing Nova program year returns (A class). Doc
2.2015 Beijing Nova program year returns (Class B). Doc
3.2015 Beijing Nova planned annual reporting units recommended summary tables. Doc
4 declaration Information Summary (units). Xls