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The general office of the Ministry of Agriculture issued on the "2015 annual Department of agriculture research tasks (special) notify the reporting guidelines".

??Office of the Ministry of Agriculture on the issuance of "Year 2015 Department of Agriculture research tasks (special) reporting guidelines," the notice
Publisher: The Office Date: 16 May 2014 Author: Source: Administrator Hits: 1376


Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) agriculture (farming, the rural economy), livestock, fisheries departments (commissions, bureaus, offices), the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, Bureau of Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education to build a university:
Now "2015 Annual Department of Agriculture research tasks (special) reporting guidelines" to be issued in respect of the situation and explain below.
I, on the project's Guide
Follow the "Several Opinions of the State Council on strengthening the central government to improve the research and money management" (Guo Fa [2014] No. 11) spirit, our ministry affect our food security for the future period , effective supply and sustainable agricultural development major technical issues important agricultural conducted in-depth research on the early results of agricultural research and development of project outputs and applications of systems analysis, and take a variety of ways solicit technical users, academic groups and expert advice in all aspects, the relevant administrative departments, forming the future of agricultural research tasks (special) for project planning period, the Department of Agriculture research project as my fundamental basis. The reporting guidelines published in 2015 that is part of the project content extracted from planning, to declare the work applies to 2015 and the nonprofit industry research and special "948" project. Other content will come during the "45" release.
Second, with regard to project management
In order to "concentrating power" to strengthen systematic, targeted and practical projects, breaking various IT projects conflicts, closed operation situation, effectively solve the same number of programs to support research, repeat the project problem solving research and production disconnect between the actual demand, public sector management research and special Ministry, "948" project, modern agricultural industrial technology system and other special reporting project tasks are no longer published separately guide, will jointly focus on project planning content, form various IT projects effective division of labor, domestic and foreign technology innovation combined with a combination of research and demonstration, research and innovation base to run a combination of scientific management.
Third, on the project and the methods of reporting
Depending on the project content project guidelines, the Department research tasks (special) and reporting project will take three ways: First, major scientific and technological solutions to problems, take competitive merit-based approach, where Eligible units and personnel may declare, in accordance with the existing R & D infrastructure solution ideas and the selection of presenters and participants in the formation of the R & D team. The second is the special characteristic Area technical support industrial development projects in the region to take merit-based competition, the national support mode by administrative departments and regional agricultural research, teaching, extension units and public consultation, the selection of presenters and participants, good division of labor. Third, the long-term basic scientific and technological work, take a direct commission way, led by the research units directly under the Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Laboratory, there are tests of the main producing areas of land ownership provincial level Academy (the) modern agricultural technology system Comprehensive Experiment Station, Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Agriculture and scientific observation stations to participate.
Fourth, on the project program
The project in order to ensure fair, equitable, and effectively curb the project in unhealthy practices, strengthen scientific and technological personnel of self-restraint, the Department research tasks (special) of the entire project process public, including presenters and participants selection criteria, selection process, the selection results of all published and publicized in the "Chinese Agriculture Information Network" on.
Fifth, on the request in 2015 to declare
1. Reporting process: applicants meet the reporting conditions, according to the tax return reporting guidelines, submitted after the audit unit where centralized management. Applicants are required to declare the unit where the contents of the table carefully verify the authenticity of the qualification of the applicant is responsible for reporting. Once a false declaration, the unit will be canceled declared eligible.
2. Centralized management: the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities agriculture (farming, the rural economy), livestock, fisheries departments (commissions, bureaus, offices), Agricultural Bureau of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps; Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, China Tropical Agriculture Academy; Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education to build a university.
3. Reporting Deadline: After receipt of all application materials centralized management and trial, no later than 5:00 pm on May 30 reported (URL and password notice), the system will shut down no longer accept late reporting by the network.
Ministry of Agriculture and Technology Development Center Zheng Ge 010-59199379
Ministry of Agriculture, Science and Technology Education Wei Kai 010-59193070
Cui Jianghao 010-59192633

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